Why Yoga guru Ramdev starting Private Security Agency ?

HARIDWAR: Looking beyond his FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) and Ayurvedic products business, yoga guru Ramdev is readying to flex his muscles in the Rs 40,000 crore private security market. Patanjali sources said that retired Army and police personnel have been roped in to train recruits who will work as private security guards with Ramdev's Parakram Suraksha Private Limited. According to a statement released by the yoga guru, the company's aim is to "instill patriotic fervour among youngsters and create an ambiance conducive for physical and mental development of the trainees." “This security agency will work to evoke the nationalist spirit in every citizen and create an atmosphere of healthy physique and psychological competency among the country’s youth,” Patanjali said in a statement on July 10.