12 Sep 2017

BJP hits back at Rahul on dynasty politics

Hitting back at Rahul Gandhi for defending dynastic politics, the BJP on Tuesday reminded the Congress Vice President that the top three constitutional posts in the country are held by common people with merit and that democracy is not beholden to dynasty.

"The fact that he (Gandhi) says that dynast and dynasty are the very fulcrum in India is itself an anomaly. The three dignitaries (President, Vice President and Prime Minister) in the highest constitutional positions today are in themselves an indication that Indian democracy thrives and gives opportunity to merit and is not beholden to dynasty," Union Minister and BJP leader Smriti Irani told a press conference.

She was responding to the remarks of Rahul Gandhi about dynastic politics and that most of the country runs like this. "That's how India works," he had said during a talk at Berkeley University during his visit to the US.

5 Aug 2017

BJP leader arrested today for attacking the convoy of Rahul Gandhi

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's car was on Friday attacked with stones and windows were broken by hostile black flag-waving crowds during his tour of a flood-hit town in the Gujarat's Banaskantha district.
10 Jul 2017

Sikkim standoff: Congress denies Rahul Gandhi meeting with Chinese envoy, then confirms it

The Congress on Monday tied itself up in knots over a meeting between party vice-president Rahul Gandhi and Chinese Ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui, amid the border standoff between New Delhi and Beijing. At first, the party denied the meeting took place, but confirmed it hours later. It, however, did not specify at whose instance the meeting was held on July 8, saying those specifics were not relevant.

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