26 Aug 2017

Narendra Modi: Our psyche stopping India from becoming tourism hub

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said the tourism industry has a huge potential to generate employment in India and the only thing standing in the way is "our psyche".

Modi said tourism cannot grow only through government advertisements but it needs word of mouth.
"But our psyche is such that if we go to a place and find it beautiful, the first thing we say is that it doesn't feel like we are in India. Then how can we expect tourism to grow in India?"
25 Aug 2017

China choose to war? Tells citizens not to visit India

Tensions between New Delhi and Beijing showed no signs of abating, as China on Thursday issued a second travel advisory warning its citizens against traveling to India. Coming amidst the nearly two-month long standoff between the countries at Doklam in Bhutan, the Chinese advisory shows that Beijing has no intention of either softening its stance or backing down.

5 Aug 2017

Srirangapatna : Tiger of Mysore death's place

Tipu Sultan tomb is Great place to visit and pay homage to one of the first king to rise against the British Empire.

The place is located along road side and one can see it passing by. The place is well maintained with sign board stating about Tipu Sultan.
4 Aug 2017

Hogenakkal Review : Indian Nigera falls

Hogenakkal falls is around 170Kms from Bangalore towards E-city and then Hosur road. It takes around 4.5 hrs to reach because of traffic in the Hosur road toll. Once reaching the spot, we have to collect the tickets of coracle ride.The place of falls cannot be seen from the place on land so u have to take a boat called 'theppa' they will cost you depending on the season and they will take you to the falls they will show u around 10 falls with a very risky distance the water there is very deep with lots of vertex. So be careful not for light hearted!   It costs around INR 750/- for 1 coracle and it can take 4 people with a maximum weight of 350Kgs.  Some coracle charge INR 300 per ride for just a 5 minute ride. The boatsmen are always right behind you to take you for a ride, literally and figuratively.
19 Jun 2017

Here are some basic Flying etiquettes which every passenger should keep in mind while travelling

1. Give enough room to your co-passenger

You are not the only traveller on board. So, make sure you are not using up all the space for yourself and your luggage. Also, if it's a short-haul flight, you may try and not recline your seat way too much. Let everyone have access to their respective seat, legroom and luggage space in the overhead bins.

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