15 Jul 2017

Have you downloaded the #GSTRateFinderApp?

A simple app to search through the various goods and services and their respective GST Rates and details.Search the entire list or respective categories of taxes for Goods and Services.

The GST Rates Finder mobile app which was launched for Android platforms earlier this week will soon be rolled out for iOS users. Currently, the app is available only for Android users and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. “Mobile app ‘GST Rates Finder’ is available on Android platform and will soon be available on iOS platform,” Finance Ministry said in a tweet. The GST Rates Finder app can be downloaded on any smartphone and can also work in offline mode, the Finance Ministry informed.

Indian Railways launches new train services from Bhubaneswar and Bhopal

The Indian Railways on Thursday launched two train services from Bhubaneswar and Bhopal to cater to growing demand of passengers from the region.The weekly 'Humsafar Express' was pressed into service from Bhubaneswar for Krishnarajapuram and daily 'Intercity Express' was launched between Bhopal and Khajuraho by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu through videoconferencing in Delhi.A foundation stone of mechanised laundry was also laid at Bhubaneswar, while WiFi services were made operational at Sambalpur and Vizianagaram stations.

Santosh Singh is DIG Bhopal

Bhopal: Santosh Kumar Singh will be new DIG of Bhopal and Hemant Chouhan will be new SP of Bhopal North. The state government transferred 71 IPS officers on Thursday. Total 22 SPs, eight DIGs and three IGs of field posting have been transferred.

DIG Santosh Kumar has been transferred from Gwalior to Bhopal. Anant K

What is PETN explosive device found in Uttar Pradesh Assembly?

A packet was discovered under the seat of Samajwadi Party MLA Mano Pandey inside the Uttar Pradesh Assembly on Thursday. The packet had white powder inside. Forensic tests revealed that the substance was PETN, a plastic explosive. It is the most dangerous of its kind.
14 Jul 2017

Why Yoga guru Ramdev starting Private Security Agency ?

HARIDWAR: Looking beyond his FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) and Ayurvedic products business, yoga guru Ramdev is readying to flex his muscles in the Rs 40,000 crore private security market. Patanjali sources said that retired Army and police personnel have been roped in to train recruits who will work as private security guards with Ramdev's Parakram Suraksha Private Limited. According to a statement released by the yoga guru, the company's aim is to "instill patriotic fervour among youngsters and create an ambiance conducive for physical and mental development of the trainees." “This security agency will work to evoke the nationalist spirit in every citizen and create an atmosphere of healthy physique and psychological competency among the country’s youth,” Patanjali said in a statement on July 10.

Why is PayTM being promoted by the BJP despite Alibaba, a Chinese firm, being its largest shareholder?

I was listening to the latest speech of Kanhaiya Kumar about Indian Media. He was claiming that Government supporters encourage people to boycott chinese products and on the other hand Modi's demonetization policy compelled people to use Paytym. He further claimed that Paytm is a chinese invested company.After the note ban, PayTM usage increased by 400% and the app has now been downloaded on over 50 million devices. The circumstances in itself were in favour of apps like PayTM and Freecharge

The era of cloud computing

By Bipin Sasi

With the significant advances in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) , there is an increasingly perceived vision that computing will one day be the 5th utility (after water, electricity, gas, and telephony). This computing utility, like all other four existing utilities, will provide the basic level of computing service that is considered essential to meet the everyday needs of the general community. At present, it is common to access content across the Internet independently without reference to the underlying hosting infrastructure. This infrastructure consists of data centers that are monitored and maintained around the clock by content providers.

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