Who is Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad?

Who is Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad?

Ms Murad is an Iraqi Yazidi who was tortured and raped by Islamic State militants and later became the face of a campaign to free the Yazidi people.

Human rights campaigner Nadia Murad won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for her work against sexual violence in conflicts around the world. Born and raised in Kocho, a village Northen Iraq, Murad was enslaved and tortured by Islamic State militants in 2014, and lost 18 members of her family. Murad, who belongs to the Yazidi minority was repeatedly subjected to rape and other abuses while being kept in captivity. She was even forced to marry a Jihadist.

Ms Murad did not just lose her mother in the genocide. She endured three months as a sex slave at the hands of IS militants. She was bought and sold several times and subjected to sexual and physical abuse during her captivity.

After escaping, she became an activist for the Yazidi people, campaigning to help put an end to human trafficking and calling on the world to take a tougher line on rape as a weapon of war.

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