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Gurugram : Sportsman arrested for Abduction and Kidnapping

Post By Editor Intelligent India · On March 28, 2019

According to Hindustan Times, A 28-year-old wannabe-actor and professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, Amitesh Chaubey, who wanted quick money to produce a movie with himself in the lead, and four other members of a Sonepat-based gang, most of whose members are former sportsmen, were arrested by the Haryana Special Task Force (STF) on Wednesday in connection with a kidnapping case, Gurugram police said. Police in Lucknow said Chaubey was arrested from his Jankipuram house there.

Chaubey has participated in the Super Boxing League, acted in a Bhojpuri film, and recently directed a short film, said Rao. The police said he wanted money to make a big film and cast himself as the lead.

Gurugram : Sportsman arrested for Abduction and Kidnapping

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