Shweta Jain Bhopal SEX leaked Video of Honey Trap Case

September 22, 2019 ・0 comments

Shweta Jain has become a sensation in Madhya Pradesh these days. The reason is unearthing of a big honey trap scandal where she used to make sex videos with powerful and rich men to blackmail them. She is the leader of the gang where many of her victims have paid in Crores. 
There are two Shweta Jain and one Barkha Soni in this scandal that has rocked MP politics. According to media  these three were involved in making sex videos however Shewta Swapnil Jain has got clean chit from court in the human trafficking case however her name is still there in Honey trap case.

According to media sources, Shweta Jain is from Sagar and she is said to be close to powerful politician Jha. The other Shweta Jain has no political connection. Barkha Soni is the wife of Anup Soni,  a political leader.

There are many sex videos that have gone viral over the social media. The wicked model has now gone. Hopefully, no one will ever attempt to go to this level to earn quick money.

More importantly, it is also a message to sexual pervert men. If a beautiful woman is indicating personal intimacy , then that doesn’t mean that she is attracted towards you. There might be a vested intrest, like honey trapping you.
Atleast those who are in key government positions can be careful next time.

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