How is your team overcoming isolation?

Since we are not living under a rock and are aware that by now almost all companies and organisations are requesting people to work from home, I began to wonder if the work-culture would permanently be altered by this shift

The success of working from home largely depends on personality as well! For example, for many people, efficiency decreases and mental health deteriorates when they have to work from home. One of the main causes for this is social isolation. When we go to office, we interact with people and it distracts us from our other problems!

The cafeteria banter is gone. The watercooler conversations have gone out the window. As we practise social distancing and work from our homes, it’s easy to feel lonely and cut off from the rest of the world. The idea may seem enticing at first – for starters, no commute – but loneliness and isolation can soon set in. Here’s how to keep such feelings at bay.

  • Ensure you get some virtual face time with your team. Meet your colleagues at least once a day.
  • Have no-agenda catchups. Discuss things outside of work.
  • Be proactive in communicating with your team. Use chat tools or just pick up the phone.
  • If you are an independent professional, consider creating or being part of a virtual co-working group.