What will the BJP gain by making OBC and Tribal leaders as its front face?

July 19, 2022 ・0 comments

 In India, the Prime Minister is OBC, his presidential candidate is a tribal and now NDA has also nominated an OBC candidate for the post of Vice President. Winning of both these candidates is almost certain!

 There are currently 27 OBC, 12 SC and 11 women ministers in India's cabinet after the expansion last year. This caste analysis of the country's top leadership has been put forth by the BJP itself. 

People who have analyzed BJP for decades believe that BJP was not always like this! At the time of Vajpayee and Advani, BJP was considered an 'upper class' and 'upper caste' party. So is BJP changing its stand today in 2022? 

Is this the next strategy of Modi and Shah? Will definitely let us know in the comments! Caste census has not been done in India for years. But according to estimates OBC population is 45 to 48 percent, Dalit and tribal population is about 22.5 percent and Pasmanda Muslims population is about 8.5%, while the population of upper castes is about 15-18 percent.



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