Will Pakistan become China's slave in next 20 years?

If an India Today magazines report has to be believed, China will make Pakistan slave in next 20 years. They have already started implementing the plan by China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). China has announced 17 projects with a total investment of $35 billion. The first of these, a coal-powered plant at Sahiwal in the Punjab, went online in May. Pakistan suffers an energy deficit of around 7 GW, with a capacity of 22 GW that, however, only produces around 12 GW a year. The total energy from China's projects, once they go online in the next few years, is an estimated 12.1 GW, which China says will end up bridging Pakistan's energy gap and ultimately contribute between 40 and 50 per cent of the country's energy needs. In addition to this, the Chinese are planning to overhaul Pakistan's road and rail infrastructure. Apart from upgrading the Karakoram highway that will serve as a key arterial link connecting Xinjiang and Gwadar, it is already being used to ship goods transported from Xinjiang by road, by sea to West Asia-China is also revamping the country's crumbling national highway and railway network, starting with upgrading sections of the Karachi-Peshawar road and rail line.

The dragon is expanding its tentacles in all its neighbors and the greedy and gullible will
realize that they are riding a tiger, nay, a dragon, and when they think of retracting it will
be too late as they would have reached a point of no return. They would have turned into China's protectorates and ceased to be independent nations.

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