PM Modi addresses ET Global Business Summit in New Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed ET Global Business Summit in New Delhi where he spoke in detail about India's growing role in the world economy and how India's growth is contributing to the global growth.

PM also spoke in detail about recent policy measures like Ayushman Bharat and measures that led to a correct reflection of India's exports and imports which are ushering in New India.

The Prime Minister began with the changes that India is undergoing not just in terms of economy but also in terms of the transformation people are experiencing in their lives. The Prime Minister highlighted how India's journey from fragile five to a fastest growing economy in the world has brought the country to the focus.

Quoting data from the global institutions the Prime Minister said that economic growth in India has also resulted in the growth of world economy. Prime Minister said it was during the past three and half years that India's contribution to world GDP in nominal term has also seen a growth.

PM Modi said that his government inherited a twin balance sheet legacy while crony capitalism was entrenched in the system. it was his government which changed the work culture in the country.
The Prime Minister said how historic reforms like GST and those in the banking sector have boosted India's economy. he added that his government has taken a number of measures that have uplifted the lives of millions of Indians.

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