Trip to waynad by Shivangi Sharma

Trip to waynad by Shivangi Sharma


Wayanad is a rural district in Kerala state, southwest India. In the east, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a lush, forested region with areas of high altitude, home to animals including Asiatic elephants, tigers, leopards and egrets. In the Ambukuthi Hills to the south, Edakkal Caves contain ancient petroglyphs, some dating back to the Neolithic age.
The town of Sultan Bathery is named after its nearby ancient Jain Temple, which was used as an ammunition battery, or armory, by Tipu Sultan’s army in the 18th century. Wayanad is also known for its trekking routes. The trail to the its highest peak, Chembra, passes a heart-shaped lake en route to the summit. In the district’s western area, Banasura Sagar Dam, built of huge stones and boulders, has created a massive reservoir. Surrounded by hills, the reservoir is dotted with small islands. Nearby, a jungle trek leads to the powerful Meenmutty Waterfalls, where water cascades over 3 steep tiers of rock.


Oct–May is a popular time to visit for trekking, wildlife tours and other outdoor activities. The Wayanad region has a relatively mild climate year-round, though summers (Mar–May) are hot. It has some of the highest rainfall in India, especially during the southwest monsoon (Jun–Sep) and northeast monsoon (Oct–Nov) seasons. The warmer, drier months of Mar–May are known as peak times for viewing animals.

Things to do

Edakkal Caves
Edakkal Caves are two natural caves at a remote location at Edakkal, 25 km from Kalpetta in the Wayanad district of Kerala in India's Western Ghats. Wikipedia

Address: Wayanad, Nenmeni, Kerala 673595
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Region: India
Phone: 094460 52134

Soochipara Falls
Soochipara Falls also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls is a three-tiered waterfall in Vellarimala, Wayanad, India. It is surrounded by deciduous, evergreen and montane forests. Wikipedia

Address: Wayanad, Kerala 673577
Height: 656′
Phone: 04936 236 111

Banasura Hill 
Banasura Hill is one of the tallest mountains in the Western Ghats of Wayanad district, Kerala, India. The hill is named after Banasura, a mythical character of Indian legends

Karapuzha Dam
Karapuzha Dam located in the Wayanad district of Kerala, is one of the biggest earth dams in India. Karapuzha Dam is located in the greenish and natural regions of Wayanad, Kerala on the Karapuzha River, a tributary of the Kabini River.

Travelling is a thrilling experience and can become an unforgettable one if certain guidelines are kept in mind:

  • All foreign nationals have to pay their hotel bills in foreign currency only, in cash or travelers cheques or credit cards. However, Indian rupees are accepted if supported by a proof of encashment in India of foreign currency or traveller's cheque.
  • Insist on seeing the latest fare chart available with taxi or auto rickshaw drivers and pay accordingly.
  • Don't purchase air/rail/bus tickets through strangers or unauthorized travel agents / tour operators.
  • Beware of unscrupulous shopkeepers.
  • Don't point your finger at any person. It is taken as a sign of annoyance.
  • One must carry proper maps of the places proposed to visit.
  • Women travelling alone should take extra care and don't go to deserted place or go out in dark without a trustworthy escort.
  • Plan a trip. One must plan a trip to South India. It is broadly advised to visit India in the month of October to March. One can acquaint with the cultural and historical heritage, multifaceted and multi - coloured religion and of India.
  • Once your plan to visit Kerala is fixed then, book your hotels in advance. Hotels and accommodations systems are well defined to suit every pocket. Contact a tour operator or a tour guide, who will make your tour easy and comfortable.
  • Be respectful and observant.
  • It is advisable to have travel insurance for theft; loss and medical assistance.
  • Try to avoid unrelenting touts. Always use tourist assistance desk for proper use.
  • It is advisable not to visit places which encourage orthodoxy, social injustice and inhuman practices.
  • Maintain silence whilst visiting any religious places. Footwear is not allowed in any religious places/temples.
  • Stay away from drug or drug sellers. Possession or consumption of these things is illegal.
  • Don't encourage beggars by giving them money or any kind.
  • Mosquito spray is a must you can also keep Odomos cream which is available in medical stores.
  • Do not travel after 7 pm in Waynad, Munnar and Thekkady as the city is carpeted by fog and wild animals may also come out.
  • Keep clothes which cover your body. Avoid shorts and small skirts in public places. Its a land of Saree and Suit. 

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