Luisenplatz: The popular square in the “City of Sciences”

Luisenplatz: The popular square in the “City of Sciences”

Darmstadt is a city in Germany that is located on the south of Hessen. The year of the city’s foundation is not clearly known, but many written documents mention this city already in XII century. Darmstadt is a city that was a very popular destination for technical education yet 150 years ago. Thanks to persistence and resourcefulness of the local scientists it has become possible to open numerous new universities and add new specialties without any money from the local budget. Wide choice of departments and specialties attracted students who arrived to Darmstadt to learn new professions here.

XIX century became the peak period for the city because here was opened the first faculty of electro technics in Germany that quickly got popularity. Numerous students also tried their best to get the right to study on faculties of aeronautic machinery. In 1997 Darmstadt was awarded with a status of the “City of Sciences”. Such a high concentration of scientific facilities has led to the development of numerous firms in Darmstadt operating in communication and information technologies areas.

This is a major historical landmark that identifies the city center. It is one of the stops for the Frankfort Airport Shuttle as well as local taxis. The column itself pre-dates WWI and has survived intact, although the classic ornate street lights that once framed the corners of the base are now gone. A large classic fountain, designed in 1907 by the famous Secessionist architect, Joseph Maria Olbrich from the Jugendstil artists colony on Mathildenhohe also survives, almost unnoticed to one side, the gothic bat-like creatures on the rim ignored by passers by, unaware of their existence.There is only shopping mall and grocery stores around the square but during Christmas market time the square looks bit brighter and more exciting.

Here are some pictures to show the glimpse of the city

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