United States to stop cooperation with the Kurds, Iran and Russia may get advantage

The change in US military policy in Syria is being said to cause a lot of upheaval. The US has decided to call its troops from north-eastern Syria.

However, President Trump's decision is contrary to the thinking of Pentagon officials, who wanted a small number of American troops to exist in north-eastern Syria. The Pentagon wants the US campaign against the Islamic State in north-eastern Syria to not end.

It is being said that this step of America will increase the influence of Russia and Iran in Syria. In this area, the United States along with the Kurds has been campaigning against the Islamic State. On the other hand, Turkey calls Kurdish forces as terrorists. Turkey has long wanted the United States to stop cooperation with the Kurds.

The Kurdish fighters have been part of the Syrian Democratic Forces, or SDF, and the faction has been America's most reliable partner against the Islamic State in Syria.

US officials say that President Trump has spoken directly to Turkish President Rechep Tayyip Ardoan. Turkey can carry out military operations against the Kurds in Syria, but it is not yet clear how large its scope will be.

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