Viral new challenge: Twitter cannot find the leopard in this new pic. Can you?

How many times have we seen optical illusions going viral on the internet? First came the dress, then came the sneakers. Now, the leopard camouflage is making headlines.

A picture of a ditch filled with mud is going viral on Twitter. Why, you ask? Because the picture asks you to spot the leopard in the mud. The image that we are talking about was shared on Twitter by Bella Lack with the caption, "Someone just sent this to me and asked me to find the leopard. I was convinced it was a joke... until I found the leopard. Can you spot it?"On first glance, the picture seemed like a joke to us as well. Even we thought that there is no leopard there. But on a closer look, we were able to notice the black spots on the animal. And then slowly its face and legs became visible too.

It was not just us. even Twitterati was losing it while trying to spot the leopard. Many posted the picture again as they highlighted the exact location of the leopard.  

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