Ayodhya Verdict Live

ASI silent on nature of temple.
Mere existence of structure is not enough to stay claim
Akhara suit barred by limitation
Waqf board suit is within limitation
Entire property single claim cant be checked in vaccum
No evidence of Namaz till British period
Hindus in exclusive possesion of the outer courtyard 
Supreme court is directed an alllotment of alternative land to Muslims 
Central Govt must make provision to  setup a trust including construction of temple. 
Suitable land of 5 acre to be alloted to Sunni Waqf board in Ayodhya. This can be in the land aquired by state government.This land will be out of 67 acre land of Ram lala virajman. 
Disputed site given to Ramjanmbhoomi Nyas, Center to form trust for the construction of temple

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