Is Nawaz Sharif Poisoned ? Will he survive the SLOW POISON ?

Nawaz Sharif, the former PM of Pakistan, is recuperating in Lahore’s Services Hospital. His condition is very critical. The doctors attending him are not hopeful for any recovery. The prognosis is poor, the death is looming. 

As per medical bulletin issued by the hospital, Nawaz Sharif has gotten critically low Platelet Count. This is a condition which is called Thrombocytopenia in medical science. Even after intensive care and the best possible medical facilities, there is no improvement in the health of Mr. Sharif. 
The medical bulletin has concealed a crucial info. That is the reason behind Sharif’s thrombocytopenia. 

According to sources from the lab tests it is now confirmed that traces of Arsenic in the body of Nawaz Sharif is found. However the Pakistan Govt. is busy on the Azadi March on the abolition of Article 35 A in Kashmir . Paksitan government is ignoring the atrocities done to Uiger Muslims in China but they are showing concern for Kashmiri Muslims. Imran Khan in his statements says that he would go to any length to support the cause of Kashmiris — diplomatically and politically.

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