Indians Ask Alexa for Hanuman Chalisa Four Times Every Minute

Alexa is one of the most popular voice assistants out there, thanks largely to the fact that Amazon’s Echo line-up of smart speakers starting with the Echo Dot and the original first generation Echo were massive hits. In fact, based on a Canalys report from 2019, Echo devices contributed to 31% of smart speakers out there, with Google trailing behind at approximately 29% market share globally.

Now, a news article in Times of India has shed light on the commands that Amazon’s smart assistant has to deal with most often in India. According to the clipping, Indians most often ask Alexa “how are you” with the question clocking in at 11 times every minute. That’s a lot.

However, Indians apparently also ask Alexa to “play Hanuman Chalisa” 4 times every minute. That’s basically one person asking Alexa to play Hanuman Chalisa every 15 seconds. Just a random fun fact.

Other commands that Indians issue to Alexa often are slightly weird including things like “I love you”, which apparently the smart assistant has to deal with once every minute, and literal marriage proposals once every 2 minutes on an average.

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