Memes have now become a new language for Social Media Marketing

What is the one thing that unites us all on social media? Well my answer to it would be - Memes. Memes can popularise anything (literally anything - a bag, a cat, an egg). And hence it is no surprise that Memes have now become a new language for Social Media Marketing. While the traditional ads can look force fed on the user's feed, memes are something they would love to consume. Want to reach out to the large market on social media? Cook up a witty message in a trending format and let the users savor it. People appreciate when brands talk to them in their own language. With instant sharing and tagging, you can set the buzz within a short span of time. Brands like Netflix, Disney, Zomato etc. are using memes to effectively engage users with wit and humor.

Meme-making is emerging as a lucrative career, Economic Times reports. Generating memes on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook has become an integral part of brands’ marketing budgets as they look to stay topical and relevant. Companies like OnePlus, LG and Big Bazaar are spending up to ₹50,000 on a meme, for everything from promotions and product launches to taking a dig at competition. Streaming services like Netflix and Disney troll their own shows and movies, even their audiences. Meme pages are racking up ₹10 lakh-6 crore in yearly turnover.

For successful meme marketing , it is important to be relevant, quick on the feet, consistent and certainly be entertaining with the content. At the same time, it is equally imperative to be responsible and avoid any offensive piece. A good post will surely make its way to the user's feed and timeline Brands, thus need to keep up with the trend and as they say, 'Keep their meme game strong'

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