Actress Neha Dhupia criticised for her abusive language on national TV

Actress Neha Dhupia was critisied on social media due to her abusive langugage on MTV roadies show. Neha is currently judging the MTV show 'Roadies ' season . Actually during the show, a contestant told that he had slapped his girlfriend because she had made five more boyfriends besides him. Neha got agitated after hearing this and said that this is the girl's choice.

After listening to the boy, Neha said to him, 'What the fuck are you doing that she went with not one but 5 other boys, it is her choice with whom she hangs out. Perhaps the problem is yours. If she is cheating, then she is probably not happy with you. Nothing gives you the right to raise a hand on a girl. '

This led a lot of people to point out how Neha was a fake feminist, and a hypocrite. Netizens slammed Neha for applauding the act of a female contestant in one of the previous seasons, when she spoke about slapping her exes.

Now in her defence, Neha's shared a post on her Instagram account, wherein she called adultery a moral choice. She wrote, "Cheating is not something I stand for, and it is unfortunate that I have been misrepresented for the same...but what I do stand for is women's safety."

Her instagram post