Coronavirus: Don’t Panic but Don’t Ignore it

The government has accepted the fact that Covid-19 spread is going to be a big challenge. People should understand that they cannot hide from it so they need to take necessary steps to stay safe and hygienic .The social mobilization initiated by Modi to spread the awareness was a great success however some people misinterpreted it and gathered to ring the bells at 5 PM. The economic consequences of this kind of practices should be contained,there is demand from chambers of commerce and industrialists for a stimulus package of 2 lakh crore,

Even if the lockdown in India slow down the spread but economic challenge will grow.

The country is trying to prevent stage 3 of coronavirus. We are still not sure whether we are in stage 2 or we are moved to stage 3 , a lot of experts believe we are already in stage 3, the limited testing capacity is also a problem in India.

Lot of unconfirmed advice is also coming from social media but the broad message is you remain isolated with hygiene measures. This is the most critical week , if we can control spread to some extent then we can take the next step, finding out what more can be down or if the lockdown can be relaxed, that’s the best way to tackle unprecedented health challenges.

IIT-D has developed a cheaper covid test. Getting more people tested is important to prepare the nation for the second stage. India’s GDP may fall by 5 % and indian industry seeks urgent measures to uplift the economy. Not only providing income support to two categories of people ,

Social mobilization is a gradual way of encouraging people to stay at home. The lockdown is a way forward.