What are your top productivity strategies during Work from Home ?

Home office is becoming the new normal for many of us. Seems it will be at least for couple of upcoming weeks. However, due to closed schools, some might struggle with having kids at home while trying to work from home at the same time.

Ground Rules:
  1. Set Home office in Skype/Teams Status
  2. Responsiveness: Be available during your shift timings
  3. Ensure no background noise.
  4. Dont mix work from home with holidays
  5. Ensure you are dressed decently for any video calls
  6. Infrastructure : Ensure you have internet connectivity , If you have connectivity issues kindly apply leave and inform lead & manager.
  7. Productivity Measures
  8. Ensure a common shift for same teams
  9. Daily standup call two times start and end of shift conducted by technical leads
  10. Update JIRA tickets / Story Pages on regular basis