Darlings movie review

August 07, 2022 ・0 comments

A dark comedy on  reality of domestic violence , its not easy to pull dark comedy so well, but movie is very well written and directed and the director jasmeet k reen deserves a praise here to be handling an issue that is so common but very little talked about 
Alia bhatt comes from the family of actors and director, and is always tagged with nepotism tag, but her acting has proved that she indeed is a very fine actor, she has done such mature roles at such young age so gracefully that u cant think any other actor can pull so well she just keeps getting better with every movie. Roshan matthew a big name in mollywood blended so well with hindi cinema, vijay varma shefali shah were no less.
Unpredictable plot twist and surprise keeps u glued. 
Overall a great watch for a mature audience

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