Dulquer Salmaan : Beyond Mollywood

September 11, 2022 ・0 comments

Dulquer Salmaan is on a roll , he is an actor who has gone far beyond Mollywood in acting. He is known for changing his looks in every film. His acting in Sita Ramam has made all the viewers respect Indian Army more. It was one of his intriguing performance this year. His Charisma And Screen Presence is unmatched with any other actor in Malayalam film Industry.

 In 2015 when i watched his 'Charlie' movie i was really a fan of his looks. Comrade in America and Ustad hotel are the movies i watched with the entire family. The comedy scenes still make you laugh. Hey Sinamika released in 2022 is a movie liked by all radio jockeys. Ana amazing story narrating the life of guy how likes talking and cooking and finally becomes a Radio Jockey. Kurup which was released in 2021 was a character known to all Malayalees. Every malayalee was familar with the name and with the release of this movie Dulquer was known among Hindi audience too. 

Then comes his Sita Ramam a romantic love story which brings tear to your eyes.
It is one of the purest love stories i have seen in recent years.  The movie is set in a different era. A clean love story when people used to fall in love with Pen friends. A love story that is clean without any vulgarity. The movie also fills you with romance and patriotism at the same time. There are rare movies which you can watch it with your kids and family members and Sita Ramam is one of them. The story narration was also fantastic.

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