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Monday, June 5, 2017

44 High Court judges set to be appointed

While 29 candidates are from the Allahabad High Court, the rest are from Karnataka (2), Calcutta (7) and Madras (6) High Courts.

The government is learnt to have initiated the process for appointing 44 High Court judges after initially having returned their names to the Supreme Court collegium for reconsideration on two occasions.

While 29 candidates are from the Allahabad HC, two are from Karnataka, seven from Calcutta and six from the Madras High Court, highly-placed sources said on Sunday.

On April 10, the collegium — a body of five senior most judges of the apex court headed by Chief Justice J.S. Khehar — for a second time reaffirmed its decision recommending the candidates for appointment as HC judges.

As per an established practice, the government usually appoints a person as a judge once the collegium reiterates its recommendation.

But in the recent past, the Modi government had expressed its disapproval of the collegium’s recommendations by returning them more than once.

Last week, a total of 17 judges were appointed to the Bombay and the Jammu and Kashmir High Courts. While 14 judges were appointed to the Bombay HC, three were appointed to the Jammu and Kashmir HC.