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Samay India Recruitment in Bihar: 4470 Seats to be Filled

Samay India, an NGO, has given advertisement in various news paper about the recruitment drive it is going to have for Bihari youth. The advertisement declares that it will recruit 4770 candidates in various capacities in Bihar.
The mission of this huge recruitment drive is to stop migration of youths of Bihari to other states. That’s a nice attempt.

But, the number of recruitment drive creates an atmosphere of suspicious. As you can see in the advertisement, provided here as an attached image, they are recruiting at various level of administration. However, they are not ready to give the work that these recruits are expected to do.
The mission statement is also vague and used Make in India program to attract gullible candidates.

In all probability, this entire recruitment drive is fake. A fraud is being created preying the insecurity of unemployed Bihari.

Seeing the number of posts, it is expected that around one million Biharis will fill up the form. Now, they are charging Rs. 500 from each applicant. That will add up to huge amount of money.

And, they are yet to say anything about examination date or about job profile.
There is very high possibility that this entire exercise is fake one. If you still want to believe them, then please fill up the form. But, in the long run, be aware that they don’t extort money out of you.