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12 year old child asked for photos from porn star Nikita Baluchi

Nikita Baluchi, France's most celebrated porn star, has shared her experience with the micro blogging site Twitter. 28-year-old Nikita shared a screenshot of a message on social media that was sent to her by a 12-year-old child. In the message, the child has expressed the desire to have sex. Nikita has tweeted the parents of that child only on Twitter. Speaking to the parents of the child, Nikita said that if people are worried about their children then they should give sex education and awareness about social media.

She told her 160,000 followers she was 'tired of educating kids about sex', and that parents are not putting in enough preventative measures to keep their children away from internet pornography.

Nikita's tweet, which has since been liked 14,000 times, has gathered momentum with many praising the actress for talking about sex workers bearing the brunt over the lack of interest showed by parents in their children's internet safety.