I&B ministry cancels fake news guidelines after PM Narendra Modi order

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Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi on Tuesday ordered the information & broadcasting (I&B) ministry to cancel its contentious guidelines on fake news after widespread criticism and outcry by journalists and Opposition, who dubbed these norms an attempt to “muzzle” free press.

Soon after, the I&B ministry issued a statement saying the press release regarding fake news put out by it on Wednesday night “stands withdrawn.” In the press release, the ministry had announced punitive measures like cancellation of accreditation to contain fake news, a decision which was dubbed by journalists and Opposition parties as an attempt to curb press freedom ahead of general elections due by 2019.

“The PM has directed that the press release regarding fake news be withdrawn and the matter be addressed by the Press Council of India,” said a senior Prime Minister’s Office official. The PM was also of the view that the government should not interfere in the matter, the official added.

Amending the guidelines for accreditation of journalists, the ministry announced norms to con


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