Delhi's air quality oscillates between poor and very poor

Delhi's air quality oscillated between "poor" and "very poor" category on October 21 as authorities warned of days of severe pollution ahead.

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) recorded the overall Air Quality Index (AQI) of Delhi at 292, while the Centre-run System of Air Quality Forecasting and Research reported an AQI of 318, which falls in the "very poor" category.

An AQI between 0 and 50 is considered "good", 51 and 100 "satisfactory", 101 and 200 "moderate", 201 and 300 "poor", 301 and 400 "very poor", and 401 and 500 "severe".

An official said the air quality of Delhi might deteriorate to "severe" category in the coming days as the air becomes heavier and results in formation of smog. Few weeks back when Brayn Adam did his show, he put a picture showing his own shadow in air.
This photo from Bryan Adams’ concert may just highlight how bad Delhi’s pollution is
While the singer called the occurrence 'Magical', it clearly was far from that and many pointed out it just showed how bad the air quality is. How can the people , ministry and the policy makers ignore such a big issue ? 

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