'Boycott Hindustan Unilever' trended on Twitter after the company posted the Red Label tea ad

Twitter users boycott unilever following a controversial ad about Kubh Mela. This is the 2nd instance in 3 months where #HindustanUnilever, has courted controversy over its  ad. Closeup’s #FreeToLove campaign was criticised for showing a couple breaking up because of a difference in religion.

The Red Label Chai parent company faced sharp critisim for an ad about Kumbh Mela Pilgrimage, Many viewers believed the ad implied that it is common for young hindus to abandon their aging parents, Prominent youga guru Swami Ramdev even compared Unilever to the dutch east India company.
The fresh tweet says: "Red Label encourages us to hold the hands of those who made us who we are. #ApnoKoApnao" In a statement, HUL's spokesperson said, "Through the Brooke Bond Red Label campaign, our intention was to urge people to take care of the elderly.

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