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Dr. Shakti Bhargava, Kanpur: Profile, Family and Corruption Cases

Post By Editor Intelligent India · On April 19, 2019

Shakti Bhargava is a surgeon and general physician based in Kanpur. He is in the business of hospital and medical services. He owns Bhargava hospital along with a pharmaceutical company.

Coming from a family of doctors, Dr. Bhargava has also tried his hand in real estate. This turned out to be a pathetic decision. He didn’t only burn his hard earned money, but has also gotten into a web of mental illness. He started to behave like a person who has started a crusade against corruption in India. Living like a schizophrenic patient, he is challenging everyone. The result is plethora of court cases and problem with administration. It may be noted that Dr. Bhargava has also cheated his father in the infamous BIC corruption. Interestingly, he shows the world that it is HE who is fighting real estate corruption of BIC.

Dr. Bhargava has recently hurled shoe on GVL Narasimha Rao, a BJP leader inside BJP office in New Delhi. He wanted to shift media focus on his devotion to expose real estate corruption in a unit owned by the Ministry of Textile to the Government of India.

Following is the brief wiki and biography of Shakti Bhargav:

Real Name: Dr. Shakti Bhargava

Nick Name: Doctor Dada

Age: 48 Years

Father: Dr. Ved Prakash Bhargava

Mother: Dr. Daya Bhargava

Educational Qualification: MBBS and MS (Surgery)

Religion: Hindu

Birth Place: Kanpur, UP

Awards and Recognition: Known for his court cases as a whistle-blower in BIC land deals of Kanpur.

However, the reality is little bit different. Dr. Bharagava had bought three bungalow of BIC in the name of his parents. He later formed a company and transferred these three bungalow in the name of the company. Few months later, he removed his parents and brother from this company (Skyline).

Dr. Bhargava has become a whistle blower to somehow save these three bungalow worth Rs. 500 Crores.

Relationship Status: Married. His wife is also a doctor and currently running Bhargava Hospital at Kanpur.

Dr. Shakti Bhargava, Kanpur: Profile, Family and Corruption Cases

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