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Sunita Duggal, BJP: Profile, Wiki, Husband, Age and Caste

Sunita Duggal is an Indian politician and former IRS officer. She belongs to BJP and has won from Sirsa Lok Sabha constituency in 2019 General Election. Sunita is quite popular for her personal charisma. She was, in fact, in fray for 2014 Lok Sabha ticket from this seat. However, BJP didn’t take Sirsa as per pre poll alliance.

Sunita had also fought the last Assembly Election from Ratia, an INLD stronghold. In mere 15 days, she had shown her prowess.
Sunita comes from a highly educated family. Many of her family members are administrative and police officers. Her husband is also a HPS police officer. However, there isn’t as such any political connection of her family in the world of politics.

Following is the brief wiki and biography of Sunita Duggal:
Real Name: Sunita Duggal
Nick Name: Sunni
Age: 51 Years
Father: Mother:
Educational Qualification: M. Sc. in Chemistry
Religion: Hindu

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Dr. Payal Tadvi : Wiki, Bio, Suicide

Dr. Payal Tadvi is a postgraduate student of gynecology who committed suicide after being continuous torture by three of her seniors. Payal Tadvi coming from the Tribal category in rural areas commits suicide after casteist slurs and torture by seniors, identified as Dr. Hema Ahuja, Dr. Bhakti Mehar, and Dr. Ankita Khandelwal.

Kanhaiya Kumar Age , Caste , Family and more

Kanhaiya Kumar is a former president of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union. He is also a leader of the All India Students Federation (AISF), a left wing students organization which is considered to be close to the Communist Party of India (CPI). He received his Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) in February 2019.

Reshma Padekanura: Profile, Wiki, Husband, Family and Murder

Reshma Padekanura was an Indian politician and social worker. She was a burgeoning profile in the state Karnataka Congress Committee. Unfortunately, she was brutally murdered. Her mutilated body was thrown on the bank of Krishna river in Vijayapura.

It is believed that Reshma was killed because of a property dispute that her family has with a local Muslim leader named Toufik. In fact, she was last seen in the car of Toufik.

Prima facie evidence shows that she was killed on Thursday and her body was thrown into the river, police said.
A case has been registered in Kolhar Police Station and further investigation is underway.Before joining Congress, Padekanura served as the Janta Dal (secular) district president of women’s wing for over a decade. In 2013, she had contested and lost elections from Devarahipparagi assembly constituency on a JD(S) ticket.

Following is the brief wiki and biography of Reshma:

Real Name: Reshma Padekanura
Nick Name: Reshu
Educational Qualification: Graduate
Religion: Hindu
Birth Place: Vijayapura, Karnataka
Awards and Recognition: Reshma had stared her political career with JDS. She had, in fact, fought Assembly election in 2013. When JDS had denied her ticket in 2018 Assembly election, she had switched her loyalty to Congress and in a short span of time had become a stalwart of the state unit of the party.
Relationship Status: Married

Usama Kaira: Profile, Age, Girlfriend and Death

Usama Kaira was the son of senior PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira. He was college student and was quite popular among his fraternity for his affable, humble and down – to – earth nature. In a tragic accident, an innocent and pious teenage Usama has left this world.

It is even more unfortunate to note that supporters of Imran Khan and PTI are celebrating the death of Usama on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. In this type of incident, one must keep political differences aside.

Following is the brief wiki and biography of Usama:
Real Name: Usama Zaman Kaira, also Osama Kaira …………………………………
Nick Name: Ussu …………………………………
Educational Qualification: Studying in Government College, Lahore
Religion: Islam
Birth Place: Lahore

Atishi: Profile, Wiki , Controversy

Atishi is a leader of the Aam Aadmi Party, and a member of the party’s Political Affairs Committee (PAC). She has been made in-charge of the East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency unit, where her role is to prepare the party organisation in the run up to the 2019 Lok Sabha election. Until April 2018, she served as Education Minister Manish Sisodia’s Advisor. She played a pivotal role in revamping the state of education in government run schools in the national capital.

Atishi has tirelessly worked towards the welfare of the society with special attention to the education system. Her passion for mass politics and expertise in policy makes for a potent combination and a breath of fresh air in Indian politics.

Controversy : Atishi, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate from East Delhi, broke down at a press conference today as her party accused her BJP rival Gautam Gambhir of circulating a derogatory, scurrilous pamphlet on her ahead of voting in Delhi on Sunday for the national election. "Never imagined Gautam Gambhir to stoop so low," tweeted AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, as the hashtag #IStandWithAtishi trended on Twitter.

Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur: Complete Profile and Interesting Facts

Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur is a BJP politician and Hindutva activist. She was a prime target of UPA government to malign Hinduism. A web of malicious story was planted to implicate her in Malegaon Blast Case. However, NIA under UPA government couldn't even file a charge sheet against her, as there was absolutely no proof.

The Condition of Pragya During Congress Rule - Never Forgive, Never Forget

Pragya was tortured in an inhuman manner. According to her TV interviews, Digvijay Singh was the brain behind all that drama. Pragya is going to fight Lok Sabha election against Digvijay Singh from Bhopal. The result should be the most appropriate reply to Diggi Raja. It may be noted that Pragya Singh has been absolved under MCOCA. However, she is yet to found 'not guilty' under UAPA.

Profile of Sadhvi Pragya
Sadhvi was born in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh. Her father, Dr. Chandrapal Singh, was a well-known ayurvedic doctor who used to treat patients free of cost through natural herbs. He was quite popular in Bhind.

Dr. Chandrapal was also a god fearing Hindu. He used to recite Bhagwad Geeta daily and Pragya used to sit with him during that time. Gradually, Pragya developed deep interest in Hindu Philosophy and started to probe the spiritual world. She became a Sadhvi at a very young age, but continued to study. Pragya has done M.A. in History.

Pragya was also known for being quite a daring girl since her childhood days. The effect of Bhagwad Geeta could have been seen on her. She used to drive bikes and organize self-help groups for girls. She had aggressively campaigned for girls education and woman empowerment. In no time, she became quite popular in the Central part of India.

Pragya was also associated with the RSS, albeit indirectly. She was a member of Durga Vahini, the woman wing of the VHP.
Education Qualification of Sadhvi Pragya
Pragya was not as such a brilliant student during her school days. She was a wonderful orator and had the potential to win any debate on spirituality and Hinduism. However, she was not able to perform good at school exams. After completing her schooling, Pragya took admission in Lahar College, Bhind. She did B. A and M.A. in History from this very institute. While being in College, she had joined the ABVP and in no time became a prominent face of the student wing in her district.

Sadhvi Pragya was also known for igniting the fire of patriotism among youths. Her speeches used to be fiery and to the point. She used to be tough on anti-national and anti-national activities. She had an authority on Bhagwad Geeta and her speeches used to be laced with various stanzas of this Hindu Epic.

Sadhvi was also quite taking tough stand against terrorism actitivities which had become a norm during Manmohan Singh period. She used to ask Hindus to unite against this Islamic terrorism. However, it should be mentioned here that Sadhvi never urged her supporter to go for a battle against terrorism. She was only asking for ideological debate. She was also against Congress policy and unfortunately her stand against Congress led to her arrest and false implication.

Eight years have been passed. Pragya has remained in jail during this period without any chargesheet. She is critically ill and suffering from Stage 3 Breast Cancer.

Arrest and Torture of Pragya Singh

Pragya was arrested for her alleged involvement in the Malegaon blast case. Anti-Terrorist Squad of Maharashtra had found her bike on the crime scene. In fact, it is alleged that her bike was planted there. ATS arrested and then tortured her severely without even presenting her before magistrate.

According to her Interview in AAP ki Adalat by Rajat Sharma, Pragya was first beaten with leather belts by two male police officers. They then didn’t give her to eat anything for 24 hours. They were asking her to accept that she was behind Malegaon blast. She tried to convince them that she can never involve in killing of innocents. But, ATS, led by late Hemant Karkare, who was quite close to Sharad Pawar and Digvijay Singh, was not ready to listen. Pragya was asked to watch pornographic films/blue films along with other male under trials. ATS officers couldn’t take an affirmative statement from Sadhvi, though.

A disciple of Sadhvi Parga, Bhimbhai Pasricha, was asked to beat her by Karkare led ATS. Pasricha started to week bitterly and refused to comply with the order. In reply, officers beat him severely and a then the broken man under immense pain did apply minimum possible force on Sadhvi. At that time, both Sadhvi and Pasricha were weeping while ATS officers were laughing out loudly.

One officer questioned her about chastity. He asked how much time she had made physical relations. She was called a ‘randi’ by officers.

She had also presented the documents of the bike which proved that she had really sold that few years ago. The only link which she had with the blast was this bike which as per government records sold few years back. But, ATS was not ready to give any heed.

Dr. Shakti Bhargava, Kanpur: Profile, Family and Corruption Cases

Shakti Bhargava is a surgeon and general physician based in Kanpur. He is in the business of hospital and medical services. He owns Bhargava hospital along with a pharmaceutical company.

Coming from a family of doctors, Dr. Bhargava has also tried his hand in real estate. This turned out to be a pathetic decision. He didn’t only burn his hard earned money, but has also gotten into a web of mental illness. He started to behave like a person who has started a crusade against corruption in India. Living like a schizophrenic patient, he is challenging everyone. The result is plethora of court cases and problem with administration. It may be noted that Dr. Bhargava has also cheated his father in the infamous BIC corruption. Interestingly, he shows the world that it is HE who is fighting real estate corruption of BIC.

Dr. Bhargava has recently hurled shoe on GVL Narasimha Rao, a BJP leader inside BJP office in New Delhi. He wanted to shift media focus on his devotion to expose real estate corruption in a unit owned by the Ministry of Textile to the Government of India.

Following is the brief wiki and biography of Shakti Bhargav:

Real Name: Dr. Shakti Bhargava

Nick Name: Doctor Dada

Age: 48 Years

Father: Dr. Ved Prakash Bhargava

Mother: Dr. Daya Bhargava

Educational Qualification: MBBS and MS (Surgery)

Religion: Hindu

Birth Place: Kanpur, UP

Awards and Recognition: Known for his court cases as a whistle-blower in BIC land deals of Kanpur.

However, the reality is little bit different. Dr. Bharagava had bought three bungalow of BIC in the name of his parents. He later formed a company and transferred these three bungalow in the name of the company. Few months later, he removed his parents and brother from this company (Skyline).

Dr. Bhargava has become a whistle blower to somehow save these three bungalow worth Rs. 500 Crores.

Relationship Status: Married. His wife is also a doctor and currently running Bhargava Hospital at Kanpur.

Mohammed Mohsin, IAS: Profile, Wiki and Family

In this context, it is quite unfortunate to note that the Election Commission of India had appointed him as Election Observer in Sambalpur, Odisha. This communal officer couldn’t hide his excitement and went berserk. He did everything to stop Hindu leaders canvassing on the ground. Further, he checked the chopper of the Prime Minister Modi.

Now, the rules are very clear. You can’t check choppers or vehicles of SPG protected persons. The list includes Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and Robert Vadra. This is done to ensure optimum security for them.

However, a communal and bigoted officer like Mohammed Mohsin didn’t listen to any rule. He is well aware of the fact that in India Left liberals are going to support him. It is good that the EC has taken action and has suspended such a regressive and useless officer. Hopefully, this will make a spot on his career and he will be eventually dismissed.

Following is the brief wiki and biography of Mohammed Mohsin:

Real Name: Mohammed Mohsin
Nick Name:

Date of Birth:
Age: 49 Years


Educational Qualification: B. Com and M. Com from Patna University
Religion: Islam

Birth Place: Patna, Bihar

Awards and Recognition: A communal and bigot IAS officer
Relationship Status: Married.


Praveen Kakkar, OSD: Profile, Wiki, Caste, Age and Family

Praveen Kakkar is a former police officer and Congress politician. He was a member of MP State Police Service, but used to wield more power than IPS officers. The reason was his close proximity with Congress politicians.

Praveen was an Inspector when he came in touch with Kantilal Bhuria in Jhabua. He befriended him and when Bhuria became minister in the UPA – I, Praveen became his personal secretary. Since then, there is no looking back. 

Interestingly, Praveen is made the OSD of Kamal Nath, the current CM of MP. Income Tax department has, recently, raided Praveen’s premises recently and has recovered assets disproportionate to his known income.

Rajendra Miglani: Profile, Wiki, Net Asset and Family

Rajendra Kumar Miglani is one of the most influential persons in Madhya Pradesh Congress. He is a media shy person and seldom gets attention of journalists. However, he wields immense power thanks to his close proximity with Chief Minister Kamal Nath.

Miglani is with Kamal Nath since last 30 years.  He was also made the OSD of Kamal Nath. However, Election Commission asked him to be removed during the phase of General Election.
Recently, Income Tax department has raided various premises of Rajendra Kumar Miglani. This is being seen as an attempt to choke illegal fund supply to state Congress before General Election. Election commision suspects that Miglani and Praveen Kakkar can’t manage fund for the upcoming loksabha elections.  Property worth more than hundred crores have been recovered.

Sunita Duggal, BJP: Profile, Wiki, Husband, Age and Caste

Sunita Duggal is an Indian politician and former IRS officer. She belongs to BJP and is contesting from Sirsa Lok Sabha constituency in 2019 General Election. Sunita is quite popular for her personal charisma. She was, in fact, in fray for 2014 Lok Sabha ticket from this seat. However, BJP didn’t take Sirsa as per pre poll alliance.

Sunita had also fought the last Assembly Election from Ratia, an INLD stronghold. In mere 15 days, she had shown her prowess.
Sunita comes from a highly educated family. Many of her family members are administrative and police officers. Her husband is also a HPS police officer. However, there isn’t as such any political connection of her family in the world of politics.

Manoj Kotak, BJP: Profile, Wiki, Caste, Age and Family

Manoj Kotak is an Indian politician belonging to the BJP. He is a powerful Gujarati leader from Mumbai. He has been asked by the party to fight from the prestigious Mumbai North East Constituency. Replacing a towering and honest personality like Kirit Somaiya is not a small feat. However, Manoj is expected to score a thumping victory.Manoj Kotak is currently a corporate. He had unsuccessfully fought Bhandup West Assembly constituency in 2014. Shiv Sena’s Ashok Patil was the winner. Manoj is also not considered an ideal choice for Shiv Sena. However, Thackeray family thought him to be better than that of Kirit Somaiya.

Dr. Anoosh Masood, SP: Profile, Wiki, Husband, Age and Family

There is honestly nothing which makes me happier than Pakistani women who are thriving in their respective fields. And similarly, learning that Dr. Anoosh made a record is so inspiring

Rohini Prakash, Bihar Intermediate Topper: Profile, Wiki and Caste and Marksheet

Rohini Prakash is the join topper of Bihar Intermediate Examination, 2019. She along with Pawan Kumar has scored spectacular this year. They have gotten 94.6 % marks. Never ever in the history of Bihar Board, anyone had this much marks. Anand Kishore, the Chairman BSEB, says that the change in marking pattern helped students to score better without compromising with quality.

Aanchal Yadav, Model: Profile, Wiki, Age, Family and Murder

Aanchal Yadav was a burgeoning profile in the glamour world of Chhatisgarh. In a short span of time, she had become a top class model and charm of Page 3 Parties of Raipur. Unfortunately, her dead body was found. The investigation revealed some of the most shocking stuffs about killer and motivation behind the murder. It was the brother of Aanchal who had killed her. Siddharth Yadav was miffed by multiple relationships she were maintaining with guys. He didn’t approve her going for making sexual contact every night with different guys. Giving details about the incident, DIG Range IG Himanshu Gupta said that on the day of incident, there was a dispute between the house and his brother Siddharth at Dhamtari. Siddhartha had objection to dresses and methods of sparring.

Thushar Vellappally: Profile, Wiki, Family, Caste, Age and Wife

Thushar Vellappally is an Indian politician and Hindu activist based in Kerala. He is the President of Bharatiya Dharma Jana Sena (BDJS), a Kerala based Right Wing political party. BDJS is an ally of BJP.Thushar Vellappally will take on Rahul Gandhi from Wayanad Constituency. Facing imminent defeat from Amethi, Congress has found a safe seat in Kerala for Rahul Gandhi. There is ‘majority’ of ‘minority’ communities in Wayanad and hence Congress thinks Rahul will easily sail through.

C S Puttaraju, JDS: Profile, Wiki, Caste, Wife and Family

C S Puttaraju is a powerful Indian politician from Mandya, Karnataka. He is currently a minister in H D Kumaraswamy led government in Karnataka. He had defeated Ramya, the alleged girlfriend of Rahul Gandhi, from Mandya in 2014 General Election. Later, Puttaraju resigned and fought Assembly Election and won handsomely from Melukote Constituency.Puttaraju is also known for amassing huge wealth. He is considered the prime financer of JDS. Recently, Income Tax Department had conducted raids at many of his premises. The timing of this raid has naturally raised many questions as General Election is just round the corner.

Awards and Recognition: Puttaraju owns a rice mill. However, his asset is many times more than what he could have gotten through this rice mill.
Relationship Status: Puttaraju is married to Nagamma Gowda. The couple has one son and a daughter.

Neha Shoree, Drug Inspector: Profile, Wiki, Husband, Age and Family

Neha Suri (Shoree) was a beautiful, affable and humble drug inspector working with the Punjab Health Department. She was fighting a tough battle against drug mafia and gangsters. She was beautiful, but tough to the core. Her single minded devotion to the duty has helped in revealing unholy nexus of some of the biggest personalities of Punjab with various drug mafia.Neha Shoree was shot dead by a chemist guy. She had cancelled the license of the killer. The chemist was in possession of an intoxicating drug. The attacker, 50 year old Balvinder, has also committed suicide.

Awards and Recognition: Known as one of the best drug inspectors of Punjab during 2007 -2010. The government had transferred her to protect drug peddlers. She was currently posted at FDA’s Zonal Licensing Authority.

Relationship Status: Married to Varun Monga who works with a Public Sector Bank. She is also survived by one 2 year old daughter.

Who is the Wife of Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua

Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua is the most popular Bhojpuri personality in the contemporary times. He commands huge fan following in Bihar, Eastern UP and Jharkhand. He is affable, humble and soft spoken person which only adds to his popularity.In this context, it is nothing short of a paradox that there is complete ignorance about personal life of Nirahua. 

The name of his wife has always been a matter of speculation over the social media. There is absolutely no doubt that Nirahua and Amrapali Dubey are successful on – screen couple. However, that doesn’t mean that they are married. Unfortunately, many believe so.