PM Modi talks inclusivity, will BJP follow ?

Prime Minister, has set a goal for MPs and government the “challenge” of winning minority communities’ “faith, trust and support”. If PM Modi agrees that the fear in minority should be removed by inclusivity then the question is that the cow vigilant groups and hardcore hindu groups leave violence ? He said if his first term was about “Sabka sath, sabka vikas (Alongside all, development for all)”, his second would stand for “Sabka sath, sabka vikas, sabka vishwas (Alongside all, development for all, trust of all)”.

Modi was clearly trying to change perceptions of him as India’s “divider in chief”, a sobriquet Time magazine gave him recently. His speech marked a sharp contrast with the way he ran his poll campaign, accusing Rahul Gandhi of contesting from Wayanad because the “majority (Hindus) are in the minority” there.

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