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Sunday, June 30, 2019


Prime Minister Modi kicks off Mann Ki Baat 2.0, addresses the nation after elections .Modi brought up famous Hindi writer Munshi Premchand to talk about economic disparity in India. "Just recently, someone gave me a book entitled, popular short stories by Premchand. It was a great feeling. While reading one of his stories Nashaa’, I couldn’t help but notice the scourge of economic disparity plaguing society. The moral of this story featuring the landholder's son Eeshwari and Beer from a poor family is that if you are not careful enough, you will never know when the bane of bad company engulfs you," said the PM Modi ,When I had said in February that I will meet you again in a few months, people said I am over confident. However, I always had faith in the people of India. And that is why in the last episode of Mann ki Baat, then, I effortlessly said that I would be back after a few months, He has encouraged citizens to come out with ideas for water conservation thorough Man Ki Baat.