Bad boss behaviors lead to poor employee engagement and high turnover

These are some few bad behaviors which we can think in a bad boss

1. Micromanagement - Micromanagement kills innovation and creativity.Would you like to work with a boss  who instead of looking at the wider things starts micromanaging with  the subordinates ? Most of you will say no. There may be a hunger for perfection in leaders which sometimes leads to micromanagement but what are the consequences ?  Subordinates start feeling suffocated , Your staff will not be able to show innovation at work. 

2. Picking Favorites - Hiring or promoting wrong people or hiring your favorite employees on a project will get the boss into a difficult situation and surrounded by Sycophant.Here is a cartoon to tell you what sycophant means

3 . Taking the Credit-  Some bosses try to take the credit of their employees work. This usually happens when someone is leading a big project with many staff, they sometime forgot to recognize their employees . They sometimes takes the credit of the good work of their employees.

Bipin Sasi is a technology executive with diverse experience, have understanding of full breadth of application development experience, system integration, cloud architecture and project governance; with a sound understanding of how to apply technology to meet business goals and to satisfy customers. He has more than 10+ years of experience in the management of IT projects and application development.

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