How does the site work?

One can create their own petition to collect the signatures through However the organization is not completely non profitable, they charge from users for promoting the petition and increasing the signatures. The recent popular petition was on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), many social media influencers shared the petition on social media to collect more signatures.  The site claim to have some  over 240 million users.The website serves to facilitate petitions by the general public is a for-profit business despite using the .org domain suffix rather than the commercial .com. The site has been accused of fooling its users and hiding the fact that it is "a for-profit entity that has an economic incentive to get people to sign petitions". 
Popular topics of petitions are economic and criminal justice, human rights, education, environmental protection, animals rights, health, and sustainable food. 

According to a post online they ask for petition makers and petition signers to enter credit card payment of $5 to $100 if they choose to promote their cause. There is no limit to how many times you can help your cause by having your petition being viewed by “other people likely interested in your cause.”

There is no way to verify whether they do it but they do give you a tool called Dashboard to see your petition views. I saw zero increase in views to my petition after funding $100 for 10,000 impressions.

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