Shrikant Tyagi absconding after video gone viral abusing woman

August 08, 2022 ・0 comments

Uttar Pradesh police have started taking strict action against Shrikant Tyagi, who was seen verbally insulting and assaulting a woman in Noida

However #ShrikantTyagi continues to be on the run from UP Police from 48 hrs, remains untraceable. Noida Police has filed multiple FIRs and continues to search for him as top priority. Who is helping this abusive criminal escape and hide from the cops?

Monday morning Noida authority uses Bulldozer to raze down illigal construction.

JCBs arrive outside Grand Omaxe in Noida's Sector 93 where Shrikant Tyagi had abused and assaulted a woman at 10:15 am

Over 48 hours yet the rogue BJP kisan morcha leader Shrikant tyagi absconding Noida police unable to track till Monday morning.

Update at 10:17 am

Illegal construction/encroachments at Srikant Tyagi’s house in a Noida condominium being brought down,right now.
Given his high-handedness, propensity to drop names and vulgar language against the lady & residents, will he should be behind bars?

Update: Tyagi was arrested by the police.

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