Who is Rehana Fathima ?

Rehana Fathima is known for her angst over a male professor's comments on the students' breasts. The professor compared them to watermelons and further advised girls to cover themselves since they attract men.

In protest to this, Rehana Fathima, a 31-year-old government employee, she posed nude with watermelons. The model and activist from Kochi received massive backlash for the same. However, she explained that this was needed because she wanted "to question the restrictions regarding a woman baring her body", as per a report in The Times of India.

She was also a part of several other movements of dissent. Fathima was the first woman to participate in the traditional Onam tiger dance, Thrissur Pulikali, that is traditionally done by all-male troupes. She has also been a part of the Kiss of Love campaign against moral policing, as per TOI.

Fathima had earlier posted a picture of her wearing the 'mala' on Facebook with a single word caption: "Philosophy".

But Rehana Fathima is no stranger to controversies or standing up to them. She broke into the headlines in March this year when, in protest against comments from a professor in Kozhikode who said women should cover their watermelon-like-breasts, she posted pictures of herself with watermelons covering her breasts. Hours after sharing the pictures, they were taken down by Facebook after a flurry of trolls and threats.
In 2014, she participated in the Kiss of Love campaign in Kerala against moral policing. Her partner, filmmaker Manoj K Sreedhar, had shared a clip of the kiss on Facebook. She was the only woman in the Ayyanthol PuliKali team, a traditional Onam tiger dance usually done by all-male troupes. She had then told Manorama she had always wanted to “perform in a space dominated by men”.

Rehana, a telecom technician with BSNL, has also acted in an art film named Eka which focussed on intersexuality. The posters of the film carried the tagline: ‘I am intersex. I have a penis and vagina by birth. I want to live’. The producers of the film claimed it was the first film of its kind to be produced in India.

The 31-year-old government employee and mother-of-two, Rehana was born in an orthodox Muslim family. She says she became disillusioned with religion after her father’s death. A report in the The Times of India quoted Rehana as saying she wants to question the restrictions regarding a woman baring her body and make a point on women’s assertion of her own self. Her Facebook bio seems to sum her up well: ‘Break the rules’. Rehana has come back without entering the temple, but her trek was yet another bid to break the glass ceiling.

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