zoheb yusuf wiki : Anushka Sharma’s alleged ex-boyfriend

February 06, 2019 ・0 comments

They say you never forget your first love. And it’s with the stars as well. Actress Anuskha Sharma, like any other girl, had a sweet boyfriend in her life before she ventured into Bollywood.

According to gossips, the 25-year-old actress came to Mumbai with her beau Zoheb Yusuf to hunt for roles in the tinsel town. Anushka was lucky enough to grab a role and rest is history. The actress climbed the ladders of success, whereas her alleged beau Zoheb Yusuf, model by profession, couldn’t get any role and returned to Bangalore.

We bring to you the pictures of Anushka Sharma’s alleged beau Zoheb Yusuf.

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