Aanchal Yadav, Model: Profile, Wiki, Age, Family and Murder

Aanchal Yadav was a burgeoning profile in the glamour world of Chhatisgarh. In a short span of time, she had become a top class model and charm of Page 3 Parties of Raipur. Unfortunately, her dead body was found. The investigation revealed some of the most shocking stuffs about killer and motivation behind the murder. It was the brother of Aanchal who had killed her. Siddharth Yadav was miffed by multiple relationships she were maintaining with guys. He didn’t approve her going for making sexual contact every night with different guys. Giving details about the incident, DIG Range IG Himanshu Gupta said that on the day of incident, there was a dispute between the house and his brother Siddharth at Dhamtari. Siddhartha had objection to dresses and methods of sparring.

Father: M L Yadav. He had named all properties to his daughter Aanchal. That is also one of the many reasons why Siddarth killed her.

Awards and Recognition: Known as one of the most sought after actresses in Chhaliwood in the contemporary timesRelationship Status: Aanchal was notorious for keeping multiple relations.

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