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PFI man, 4 others held in connection with PMK man Ramalingam's murder, Know more about him

Even as tension prevails in Kumbakonam town, Tamil Nadu, over the murder of a PMK functionary on Tuesday night, five persons have been arrested in connection with the case. Ramalingam, a Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) functionary in Thirubuvanam, Kumbakonam town, was attacked on Tuesday evening, after which he succumbed to his injuries. The attack happened after he was seen in a video having an altercation with a couple of Muslim men who were allegedly in the area to proselytise.

Who was Ramalingam ?

Ramalingam was a local Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) leader of Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district. He was also a staunch Hindu. He was brutally killed by Muslim fanatics on 5th February. He had just questioned some Muslim clerics attempt to convert Dalit Hindus. This murder has again showed the biased nature of Indian national media. Had a Muslim killed in this gruesome manner, that would have become national news. It is also interesting to note that Ramalingam had many Muslim friends. His Fac…

Bima Bharati, JDU- Profile, Wiki, Caste, Age and Husband

Bima Bharati is an Indian politician who represents Rupauli Vidhan Sabha Seat in the Bihar Legislative Assembly. She is a powerful JDU leader from Purnea district of Bihar. However, more than politics, she remains in news for altogether different reasons. Her husband – Awadhesh Mandal – is a dreaded gangster of the region. She had even once helped her husband to escape from the jail. Few months later, she accused her husband for making an attempt to kill her son.

Recently, Bima Bharati’s son was found murdered near railway track in Patna. Police is yet to conclude the investigation. But, it is believed that Awadhesh Mandal might be behind the murder of his son. He has always been a ruthless and heartless criminal.

Following is the brief wiki and biography of Bima Bharati;
Birth Place; Katihar ............. Awards and Recognition: Bima is known for being a front MLA of Awadhesh Mandal who couldn’t fight election because of conviction in many cases. When she tried to work on her own, her…

Akshita - Vikram's Daughter- Profile, Wiki, Age and Husband

Akshita is the daughter of Tamil superstar Chiyaan Vikram. She has recently got married with her long time boyfriend Manu Ranjith

Manu is the great grandson of late K. Karunanidhi. DMK is expecting to get the support of Vikram’s fan through this matrimonial alliance. Vikram has not yet openly supported or opposed any political party in Tamil Nadu.

Manu Ranjith is the son of Manu Ranganathan, a successful businessperson of Tamil Nadu known for Cavin Kare. The couple got married in the presence of DMK Patriarch.

The marriage ceremony was also held at Karunanidhi’s house. The entire ceremony was a low – key affair. There was almost no representation from the film industry.

Religion; Christianity. Though, she also follows Hinduism because of her mother Ms. Shailja Balakrishnan. As a matter of fact, Vikram was born as Kennedy. His father was a Christian and mother was a Hindu. Vikram remained a Christian, but uses a Hindu name for screen purpose.

………………………………….. Father; Chinaay Vikram, or Kenne…