Rajendra Miglani: Profile, Wiki, Net Asset and Family

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Rajendra Kumar Miglani is one of the most influential persons in Madhya Pradesh Congress. He is a media shy person and seldom gets attention of journalists. However, he wields immense power thanks to his close proximity with Chief Minister Kamal Nath.

Miglani is with Kamal Nath since last 30 years.  He was also made the OSD of Kamal Nath. However, Election Commission asked him to be removed during the phase of General Election.
Recently, Income Tax department has raided various premises of Rajendra Kumar Miglani. This is being seen as an attempt to choke illegal fund supply to state Congress before General Election. Election commision suspects that Miglani and Praveen Kakkar can’t manage fund for the upcoming loksabha elections.  Property worth more than hundred crores have been recovered.

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