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Thushar Vellappally: Profile, Wiki, Family, Caste, Age and Wife

Post By Editor Intelligent India · On April 01, 2019

Thushar Vellappally is an Indian politician and Hindu activist based in Kerala. He is the President of Bharatiya Dharma Jana Sena (BDJS), a Kerala based Right Wing political party. BDJS is an ally of BJP.Thushar Vellappally will take on Rahul Gandhi from Wayanad Constituency. Facing imminent defeat from Amethi, Congress has found a safe seat in Kerala for Rahul Gandhi. There is ‘majority’ of ‘minority’ communities in Wayanad and hence Congress thinks Rahul will easily sail through.

However, the entry of Thushar and consolidation of Ezhava voters may create serious problem for Rahul Gandhi. It will now depend on C. P. Suneer, the CPI candidate to help Rahul Gandhi win from Wayanad.

Awards and Recognition: The family of Thushar Vellappally runs Shree Narayan Trust, along with many other social reformist institutions. They are highly respected among Ezhava community.

Father: Vellappally Natesan
Mother: Preethi Natesan
Educational Qualification: Graduate
Religion: Hindu
Caste: SC, Ezhava

Thushar Vellappally: Profile, Wiki, Family, Caste, Age and Wife

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