Loksabha Elections 2019: Bollywood celebs who lost and won

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Get the highlights to know which Bollywood Star won or lost in Lok Sabha Election 2019 . Lok Sabha Election 2019 Results are going to be enchanted by glamour as some of the Big Bollywood celebrities are making Political Debut giving tough fight to the veterans of big political parties from their respective constituency. So, in the Lok Sabha Battlefield we saw some prominent Bollywood personalities like Sunny Deol from Gurdaspur-Punjab (BJP), Urmila Matondkar from Mumbai North-Maharashtra, Prakash Raj from Bangalore Central-Karnataka (Independent) and Poonam Sinha from Lucknow-Uttar Pradesh (SP). Get the highlights here to know which Bollywood celebrity turned out to be a Hero or a Villain in the Lok Sabha Election 2019.

1. Misa Bharti- Lost 2. Prakash Ambedkar- Lost 3. Prakash Raj- Lost 4. Kanhaiya- Lost 5. Urmila- Lost 6. Shatrughan- Lost 7. Yakub Qureshi- Lost 8. Supriya- Lost 9. Dimple Yadav- Lost 10. Deve Gowda- Lost 11. Digvijaya- Lost 12. Atishi- Lost 13. Jyotiraditya- Lost  14. Sambith Patra

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