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Loksabha Elections 2019: Bollywood celebs who lost and won

Get the highlights to know which Bollywood Star won or lost in Lok Sabha Election 2019 . Lok Sabha Election 2019 Results are going to be enchanted by glamour as some of the Big Bollywood celebrities are making Political Debut giving tough fight to the veterans of big political parties from their respective constituency. So, in the Lok Sabha Battlefield we saw some prominent Bollywood personalities like Sunny Deol from Gurdaspur-Punjab (BJP), Urmila Matondkar from Mumbai North-Maharashtra, Prakash Raj from Bangalore Central-Karnataka (Independent) and Poonam Sinha from Lucknow-Uttar Pradesh (SP). Get the highlights here to know which Bollywood celebrity turned out to be a Hero or a Villain in the Lok Sabha Election 2019.

1. Misa Bharti- Lost 2. Prakash Ambedkar- Lost 3. Prakash Raj- Lost 4. Kanhaiya- Lost 5. Urmila- Lost 6. Shatrughan- Lost 7. Yakub Qureshi- Lost 8. Supriya- Lost 9. Dimple Yadav- Lost 10. Deve Gowda- Lost 11. Digvijaya- Lost 12. Atishi- Lost 13. Jyotiraditya- Lost  14. Sambith Patra

Exit Poll Results 2019; Modi may come out even stronger than last elections

Party workers at the BJP headquarters were enthused and confident of the massive victory right from the beginning of the polls.The party workers were busy overseeing the preparations for the Dinner - Day on May 23rd and said the exit polls had underlined what they were always confident about. Chandra babu on the other hand has gone to meet mamta banarjee today. In Madhya Pradesh BJP has asked congress to show majority in State. The trajectory of the polls can’t be ignored. Even those that are least optimistic about the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s chances say it would be within striking distance of a majority if it could add a few more coalition partners. All media houses are predicting Modi's victory.

Others suggest that Prime Minister Narendra Modi could actually improve upon his extraordinary 2014 victory.

In Karnataka's Mandya, Ex-Actor Sumalatha Ambreesh vs Chief Minister's Son

Lok Sabha elections 2019: Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy's son, Nikhil Kumaraswamy of the JDS and Sumalatha Ambareesh, wife of late superstar Ambareesh, will fight it out in Karnataka's Mandya.Mandya in Karnataka is turning out to be one of the most heated contests in the second phase of polling to be held on April 18. On one side, there is the candidate for the Congress-Janata Dal Secular coalition, Nikhil Kumaraswamy. He is the son of Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy and the grandson of former prime minister HD Deve Gowda, making this a prestige seat for the JDS.Taking him on is Sumalatha Ambareesh, wife of late superstar Ambareesh. She is officially supported by the BJP. And unofficially by several Congress leaders and party workers who were upset that the Congress allowed the JDS to contest the seat. There are chances that she will win the big fight.

POLL: Will the BJP deliver on its manifesto promises?

The Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday released its manifesto with a focus on development and national security. The chief points of the manifesto, titled the ‘sankalp patra’, are as follows:
75 promises to be fulfilled by 2022 to mark 70 years of India’s Independence.
  • Construction of Ram Mandir
  • Revoking Articles 370, 35A
  • Passage of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill
  • Implementation of a Uniform Civil Code
  • Rural support
  • Agriculture loans at 0% Interest
  • 33% reservation for women in Parliament and State Assemblies
  • Zero tolerance towards terrorism
  • Revising Tax Slabs

Will it be Pratibha Advani against Digvijay Singh on Bhopal Loksabha Seat ?

The Bhopal seat has been reduced to a prestige issue for BJP, which rides on the support of Hindus and in such a case would hate to lose to Singh, whom the party has vigorously accused of minority appeasement in the past.In the endless list of probable candidates, Pratibha, the daughter of BJP patriarch LK Advani is the latest entrant. The name started doing rounds soon after Advani, who has been denied re-nomination from Gandhinagar, went public airing his views on the ongoing anti-national debate. Pritibha, a successful anchor and YV producer fails to charm BJP’s local unit, She might be a novice candiate against heavy weight Digvijay Singh. MP Alok Sanjar, BJP organisational secretary VD Sharma and Bhopal mayor Alok Sharma, which were once making rounds, faded quickly.Shivraj singh chouhan was also in the list but he seems disinterested.

Tushar Vellapally will contest in Wayanad

In the wake of Rahul Gandhi's controversial remark in Wayanad, the BDJ chairperson Thushar Vellapalli is the NDA candidate in Wayanad. The NDA decided to change the current candidate. If Rahul was to contest, the national leader of the BJP would be contesting in Wayanad earlier.

The NDA leadership also said it will amend the matter based on Rahul's decision. Tushar Vellapally has already announced that the decision will be made in the evening for the Wayanad candidate.