PM Modi addresses the nation on 12th May 2020

The prime minister delivers a speech on the situation in the country the COVID-19 tally crossed the 70,000 mark. The current phase of nationwide lockdown is set to end on May 17.

Economic Package for self-reliant India to be announced tomorrow _
• Touching Rs. 20 lakh crore
• 10% of GDP
• Touching Land, Labour, Liquidity, Law
• Specially For MSMEs, Migrant Labour, Farmers
• Detailed package to be announced by Finance Minister tomorrow 13th May 2020
• Bold Reforms expected in future
• To incentivise local manufacturing
• Local to become Global
• Be Vocal to support Local
• Buy Local to support Local
• Lockdown 4.0 with new rules, new colour, shall be announced before 18th May 2020
• Maintain distance, don’t lose sight

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