Modi meeting today

June 24, 2021 ・0 comments

Is Modi govt adjusting to Dynamics?

Democracy began's  with a transparency, today PM Modi is Standing shoulder to shoulder with Kashmir leaders whom he kept in Jail, somewhere there govt has realised that there is a regional sentiment. They split UP the state hood where ladhakh is without an assembly J&k has an assembly. Todays meeting is considered as a confidence building measure. 

According to Sources Statehood is not presently on the agenda, it is likely after elections. Many TV channels are reading too much from this meeting today. This shift is intresting and gives a Hint that bureaucracy cannot replace political leaders. Many people even asked why 
6 people from jammu and 8 people from Kashmir from the photop today. 

 At this juncture the Economy, tourism is sufferring and with the current situation we are far away from normalcy and elections. 

The PM engaging with J&K leaders is good but how well this equation  will fit to BJP party emotions and party workers? 

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