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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hindi Medium Actress Saba Qamar Discriminated Against For Being A Pakistani; Breaks Down On TV

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar who starred in Bollywood film Hindi Medium opposite Irrfan Khan last year, has made a shocking revelation. During an interview with a Pakistani channel, the actress relayed the details of the ordeal she had to face while on an outdoor shoot with her Indian crew. The actress broke down while talking about how she was discriminated against for being a Pakistani and how the reality of how the world sees her and her country hit and hurt her hard.The video is going viral right now where Saba is seen talking about the time she had to take off to Tbilisi, Georgia, to shoot a song with Irrfan Khan for Hindi Medium. She said, “We were at the airport and while all my Indian crew went ahead, I was detained. I was thoroughly checked and it was the most embarrassing and humiliating moment for me. This is just because I was a Pakistani.” The actress further said that she felt shameful about how her country, that she is so proud of, is seen as a terrorist state by rest of the world

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