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BMW launches in-car #AI #assistant with ability to hold a conversation

A number of automakers have now started integrating existing digital assistant software into their vehicles, such as Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri.

BMW has decided to go its own route in the field of artificial intelligence by announcing its own system, BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

Intelligent Personal Assistant is a completely new proprietary in-car AI assistant, which the Bavarian auto giant claims will "enhance the BMW driving experience."

The always on-call technology platform is said to be an intelligent, digital character which is operated simply by the "Hey BMW" prompt. The system is able to serve the driver in a wide range of different ways, including controlling many of the vehicle's settings, the satellite navigation and the entertainment system.

It can also be used to explain vehicle functions, and is even said to be able to conduct a conversation.

And just in case you start to love your electronic personal assistant so much you find yourself spending time sitting in your car interacting with it outside your home or place of work instead of going right in, BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can also be at your disposal outside the vehicle too.

At home the system can be used with the help of a smart speaker, and when you're out and about it can then be accessed via smartphone. On top of all that, the new system will also be compatible with other digital voice assistants, which means it can then be used as a link to other rapidly growing digital ecosystems.