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Those were the days! When Smriti Irani was 23 and Petrol was 32

It is Business As Usual (BAU) for majority of the organisations. The Congress has stated that it will be a peaceful protests. However, it is advised to monitor latest updates to access the impact better. As of now, demonstrations near major petrol pumps and on the streets have been announced on the said date. However, similar agitations can be expected near vital government installations, political party offices, key market areas and tourist spots. Traffic disruptions and congestion can be expected along the protest sites. Chances of escalation of protests cannot be ruled out. Altercations between rival political groups can be expected.
#BharathBandh to be observed tommorow(10th Sept'18) against skyrocketing Petrol & Diesel Prices, & LPG which has in turn increased the rate of every commodity! This is a protest of common man for the struggle which he faces daily! One of the twitter user has said the same thing with this picture of Smriti Irani. Congress has requested the shopkeepers as well as hawkers to support for #BharathBandh , all have agreed to fight unanimously against soaring prices of diesel and petrol by keeping their stores shut & support the bandh to wake up sleeping government.

Bharat Bandh Live: 4 dead in Madhya Pradesh; More than 200 people detained in Meerut

Dalit organisations have called for a nationwide #Bandh today protesting the Supreme Court’s ruling on Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989. #SCSTAct

Violent protests erupted today during a nationwide bandh called by several Dalitorganisations against the alleged “dilution” of the SCs/STs Act

Following the SC order, the violent protests today hit life across the country with some states ordered closure of educational institutions and curtailed communication and transport services, including rail, incidents of arson and vandalism were reported from Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Utar Pradesh, Bihar and Punjab, among other states.